Portugal/Switzerland: Wanderings 1971 (Continued…)

Switzerland (Continued…)

        He graciously beckoned us to come inside and we followed him to his office where we chatted about our trip and laughed together at our difficulties with the language. Dr. Gubelin, a cultured world-traveler, spoke excellent English.

        “John and Dr. Gubelin discussed the stones John had sent. I was so proud of my new husband,” Laura said. “At that time in his life, he was cutting rare gems on the Gemological Institute of America’s ‘B’ list of stones. It includes little known stones such as cuprite, phenakite, petalite, danburite and others, all of them a serious challenge to a gem cutter. John still is one of the premier gem cutters in the entire world.”

        After our business was transacted, Dr. Gubelin invited us out onto the terrace for refreshments. We were served coffee, hot chocolate* and cookies.

        “We’ll never forget the view from the terrace on that lovely and special afternoon,” John said. “I can still visualize the lush green lawn and rolling hills with the blue sky and Swiss Alps as background. It was like a magnificent painting- vivid, dramatic and spiritually moving.”

        Our sojourn in Lucerne remains one of our favorite memories of f Europe. Experiencing the delicate beauty of that moment drew us even closer to each other.

        Dr. Gubelin was indeed kind to spend time with two young travelers. We have since met many important people in the gem industry, and Dr. Gubelin will always be one of our favorites. We were fortunate to have him in our lives at that special moment in time.


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